Specialising in end-to-end event management and production, C-Weed Entertainment Promotions is headed up by Pedro Carlo, who is well known for his commitment to promoting South African music.

4 thoughts on “Events

  1. Good afternoon
    I have a coffee /food trailer I’d like to know how do I go about getting into your events as a vendor??

    Kind regards
    Damion Parker

  2. Hey my name is James Johnson and I’m an independent Musician I’m really trying my best to make my dreams come true but I lack opportunities for gigs and sponsor I’m not asking for money but if there’s anyway you could help me make my dreams come true I’d be eternally greatful I just graduated from high school I couldn’t go to varsity because my family is facing financial problems and music is all I’ve ever wanted and even of its performing for free I’ll do it, I need to make my dreams come true because I have a family to care for and my younger siblings are growing up and looking up to their big brother that hopefully one day he’ll receive a breakthrough and help the family financial, please help me out for I have no one to turn to to help me achieve my my music goals it doesn’t matter how you help me, even if you could help me with an open mic gig I would be so happy because I lack connections with places to perform, I want the whole South Africa to hopefully hear my music and the message I have for all the youth’s due to things I have experienced in life and financially,
    Thank you for hopefully reading my message and I hope you could help me out Sir/Ma’am
    God bless you

  3. Good day.
    We have a 3 piece contemporary rock band.
    We are currently looking for venues to perform at around the kzn area.
    We have been on the circuit for a few years and looking to expand.
    Band name:Drop Culture

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