This year, White Mountain presents a series of yoga sessions run by experienced instructor Tarryn Coetzee, offering everything from free sunrise classes to yoga for kids and beginners, plus a sunset session of traditional Kriya yoga overlooking the dam. Check out the full programme here, choose your session and simply bring along your mats and towels and prepare to clear your mind, relax your body and set the mood to enjoy a fabulous weekend!.

If you’ve never done yoga before, then the beginners’ class is perfect! A very basic session that will make you laugh and realise that you can do far more than you think. Don’t sell yourself short!

At 11am on Saturday 29 September, Tarryn will also present an Introduction to Yoga Workshop. In this 2-hour informal session, you’ll learn what yoga is really about, the various styles, where it came from and how to incorporate the fundamentals into your daily life to find a sense of peace, calm and joy. The workshop costs R110 per person and you have the option of pre-booking on Quicket.

Another fun way to start and end your day is a free bootcamp with Natalie Moss.

These 30-minute sessions take place on Friday and Saturday at 9am (main marquee) and 4.30pm (pool area).

Just bring along a towel or mat and join in the fun!